Dr. Alyson G. Wilson


Dr. Wilson’s Curriulum Vitae

Dr. Alyson Wilson is a Research Staff Member at the IDA Science and Technology Policy Institute. She is also a Collaborating Associate Professor in the Department of Statistics at Iowa State University and a Guest Scientist in the Statistical Sciences Group at Los Alamos National Laboratory. She is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association and an Elected Member of the International Statistical Institute.

Dr. Wilson’s research interests include Bayesian methods, reliability, information integration, uncertainty quantification, and the application of statistics to problems in defense and national security. Before joining STPI, she was an associate professor in the Department of Statistics at Iowa State University (2008-2011), a Technical Staff Member/Scientist 5 in the Statistical Sciences group at Los Alamos National Laboratory (1999-2008), a senior statistician and operations research analyst with Cowboy Programming Resources (1995-1999), and a mathematical statistician at the National Institutes of Health (1990-1991).

Dr. Wilson has served on numerous national panels, including the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Committee on Mathematical Foundation of Validation, Verification, and Uncertainty Quantification (2010-2011), the NAS Committee to Review the Testing of Body Armor Materials by the U.S. Army (2009-2010), the NAS Oversight Committee for the Workshop on Industrial Methods for the Effective Test and Development of Defense Systems (2008-2009), the Sandia National Laboratories’ Predictive Engineering Science Panel (2008-2013), the NAS Panel on Methodological Improvement to the Department of Homeland Security’s Biological Agent Risk Analysis (2006-2008), and the NAS Panel on the Operational Test Design and Evaluation of the Interim Armored Vehicle (2002-2003). She was on the organizing committee for the Department of Energy Office of Science (DOE/OS) Workshop on Mathematical Issues for Petascale Data Sets (2008), and an invited participant in the Chief of Naval Operations Distinguished Fellows Workshop on Critical Infrastructure Vulnerability (2008), the DOE/OS Workshop on Mathematical Research Challenges in Optimization of Complex Systems (2006), and the DOE Simulation and Modeling for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems Workshop (2006). In 2006, the chaired the American Statistical Association President’s Task Force on Statistics in Defense and National Security.

Dr. Wilson is the winner of the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Director’s Distinguished Performance Award (2008), the LANL Star Award (2008), the DOE Defense Programs Award of Excellence (2007), and the LANL Achievement Award (2000, 2005). She is a founder and past-chair of the American Statistical Association’s Section on Statistics in Defense and National Security. She is currently the Reviews Editor (2011-2013) for the Journal of the American Statistical Association and The American Statistician.

Dr. Wilson received her Ph.D. in Statistics from Duke University, her M.S. in Statistics from Carnegie-Mellon University, and her B.A. in Mathematical Sciences from Rice University.